Roman Glass 100 BC - 400 AD

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Eastern Mediterranean
3rd – 4th century AD
Height: 17.6 cm, Ø 9.3 cm (body), Ø 8.8 cm (base),
weight: 105 g
Colourful iridescence and areas with encrustation
Provenance: Cahn International AG, Münchenstein
(CH), 2014
Formerly part of Collection Saeed Motamed (1925-
2013), formed between 1953 and the early 1990s
Flask of transparent pale sea-green glass. Balustershaped
body on wide foot. Long cylindrical neck with
funnel-shaped mouth with inwardly folded rim.
Base flattened with ring-shaped pontil mark.
Although this rare baluster shape is known, no parallels
could be found.

Roman Glass 100 BC - 400 AD

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