16th & 17th century glass

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Alzata (tazza)

FH 43

Cristallo or vitrum blanchum
with aquamarine glass
circa 1700
Height: 7.4 cm, 0: 22.5 cm, 0 foot: 11.0 cm
Acquired: March 1975

Alzata with a flat round plate, folded upwards at
the rim. The plate is decorated on the underside
by two ribbed concentric threads with a cable of
aquamarine glass in between. Blown trumpetshaped foot with a constriction one third of the
way down. Downwardly folded rim. The constriction is marked by a horizontal colourless indented thread.

The Van Beek collection (Laméris and Laméris
2015, cat.no. 18)
Veste Coburg (Theuerkauff-Liederwald 1994,
cat.no. 53-59)

16th & 17th century glass

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