16th & 17th century glass

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French wine glass

FH 44

Glass with a strong greyish tinge
Peyremoutou, Southwestern France
De Robert
Early seventeenth century
Height: 16.3 cm, bowl: 11,2 cm,  foot: 7,8 cm
Acquired March, 1975

Wine glass with large funnel-shaped bowl.
Hollow stem in the shape of a true baluster. Bowl
and stem are connected by a merese. Slightly
conical foot with small downwardly folded rim.

Musée du verre de Sorèze (Bertrand 2012, p. 5)
Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Bordeaux (Bellanger
1988, p. 53)
Collection Du Mesnil, France (Rosenberg 2013,
p. 79)

16th & 17th century glass

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